The Story So Far

At the prompting of Lenny the party (Joan, Yarr, and Kain) met at an abandoned mine office and decided to head out to the Whispering Cairn ahead of the adventurers from Waterdeep.

Inside the cairn:

- they encounter wolves
- proceeding further they find a room with 7 short hallways with colored lanterns at the end of each (red and indigo were missing)
- backtracking they find the indigo lantern in the wolf den
- a chain at the end of the blue hall led to a new hallway that ended with a giant stone face with a gaping mouth, triggering a pressure plate in front of the mouth resulted in an increasingly strong wind (emanating from the mouth) blew the party backwards
- they discover the sarcophagus spins and when it points to a hallway it triggers an action, two of the hallways cause elevators to be called. One elevator led to a sub-level, the other was a trap. Pointing the sarcophagus at the green hallway resulted in the collapse of the floor, apparently the elevator in that location was broken. A swarm of beetles emerged from the new hole resulting in a quick battle.
- the party decided to take the elevator in the yellow hallway down to the sub-level where they fought a twisted creature consisting of two eyeballs floating in the air connected by muscle tissue and an earth elemental
- they also discovered some goggles that gave a bonus to searching
- searching the hole where the floor collapsed resulted in discovering another sub-level where they had several battles but found the red lantern in a submerged portion of the level
- hanging and lighting all of the lanterns allowed the party to pass the wind trap at in the passage at the top of the blue hallway
- the room beyond had a narrow walkway ending in a door with no apparent locks
- a triggered trap fired steel spheres at the party knocking them off of the catwalk where they fought a grick
- when examining the door a spirit appeared, that of a young boy named Alastor Land who died in the room years before. He was willing to open the door but only if the party first buried his bones with those of his family.
- Joan volunteered to take the bones to his family’s farmhouse but failed to return, the ghost informed the others that Joan had died before burying his remains
- Yarr, Kain, and Lenny left the tomb, but not before taking all of the colored lanterns with them, which turned out to be a good choice, because they saw the three adventurers from Waterdeep heading directly towards the Whispering Cairn



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